Wednesday, July 30, 2008

yeah. holy. crap.

I'm freaking out a bit here. We just arrived in Rome about 2 hours ago only to find oppressive heat and burnt, fish paste covered pizza. ok, yeah, we've only seen the street our hotel is on but still...I know I am being overly observant but given that i will be living in this city for the next few months, wouldn't you? However, I will not be so stupid as to judge too early. however expect more observations in a few days.

i'm actually pretty sad to be out of Madrid, I really enjoyed our slow pace and the beautiful sights Spain had to offer. I also enjoyed being able to slightly converse with people with my classroom spanish. Rome will not be that easy. I am extremely excited to see the old ruins however, already we have seen ancient walls randomly throughout the city, as if they still serve a purpose. it's fantastic.

let me know how you all are doing! being apart and out of touch is getting to me.

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Mary Ellen said...

After we spoke to you yesterday we had a great golf game. Did you get or emails yet? Since you haven't been I thought I would post here. We are golfing today with that couple we met in Tahoe, but are actually members of Seqouyah and live in Oakland. They are staying for dinner. We saw "Mama Mia" the movie yesterday. All I can say is shriek, Mama Mia!!!! Wait until it is out on video. Love and miss you. Hope Rome is fun, avoid fish paste. EEEKKK