Wednesday, October 8, 2008

As I said in the beginning of this blog, I would hope that my life would be so eventful that I would have no time to update. But I have arrived at the point in my trip that I think I can finally catch my breath and inform you all what my time has been like in Roma. If I didn't express this now, I think I might explode, there's that much...

When I first arrived back in Europe I was completely caught off my guard. It's crazy enough to spend a month in a foreign country, but to return so quickly after a brief stay at home is just...surprising! I think I was in a state of shock. I might also have been nervous, I didn't know what to expect of the other people in my program or how my life was going to be like. But no matter how much I worried the day came that I separated from my parents in front of my new apartment and started my journey.

Turns out I have 5 roommates in our 3 bedroom apartment in the Marconi district. It's a beautiful, Greek Isle themed apartment that looks over Piazza Enrico Fermi(which is less beautiful than it sounds, it's mostly a parking lot.) and has a beautiful breeze that made living in the heat of September bearable. I go to school right next to Piazza Navona(that IS beautiful, look up Fountain of the Four Rivers and you'll understand) at a costume design school with only about 5 rooms placed in one of the most amazing 500 year old buildings I've ever seen(When the doorman isn't there I have to crawl through a door about 4 ft. tall to enter what used to be the hall where the carriages were received). When the accordian player is playing beneath the balcony and I look up at the restored greco-roman moldings, I think, well, I'm happy to be here.

My usual week involves making dinner with my friends at my apartment or my friend Colin's apartment then watching the office, eating at an Irish pub(where they know my name! and drink!), or going out with friends to various bars. generally my life focuses on the next meal, which I have no problem with, I'm not yet tired of italian'

So far I've only traveled to Tivoli, the vacation spot for Ancient Romans, and Paris for Emily and I's anniversary. though within the next month I'll be traveling to Barcelona with Em, and Dublin with 4 of my friends. Turns out I like beer! yay! I'm so excited.

To tell the truth I've never been so happy to be someplace. It's different than visiting everywhere because at a certain point you have to stop forgiving yourself for being a tourist or a foreigner. At a certain point you have to change. you have to dress a certain way and know the language and cook the food. I think maybe I've reached this point(or I'm at the point that I'm realizing I should be reaching it), and i'm quite ready to start living "as the Romans do"...