Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of Madrid, Beginning of Holy Crap

hola mis amigos!!
We have about 2 more hours of awake time in madrid before we hurry off to Rome on a 6:25 am flight to Rome. Today has been excellent, we started off late, around 1 and took themetro to the gay area of Rome where we found the first ever "gay" restaurant in Madrid which blasted 90s R&B. it was delicious(if you closed your eyes). then we went to the Madrid park, for the life of me I can´t remember the name, where we rented row boats and paddled around trying to find shade on the hot lake. after, we took naps in the shade and chugged huge bottles of water. very very relaxing.

since then I have been relaxing at the hostel, eating pringles, and reading my new book titled ¨the monster of florence¨ which outlines a 40 year investigation of 14 murders. it´s interesting in that it delves deep into the old italian culture and history and it´s getting me really excited about living in rome. I really can´t wait to see my future home tomorrow, but I´m also really nervous. I really hope I like it...

"Most of my treasured memories of travel are recollections of sitting." --Robert Thomas Allen

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Mary Ellen said...

I love hearing about your marvelous adventure, I am now sitting in Santa Cruz and agree with your quote completely. Hopefully Rome will be cooler (I haven't looked a the temp today) Arrivederci and can't wait to hear about Italy. Mom